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Welcome to Pontprennau Medical Centre 

We offer a comprehensive service to all patients, in the tradition of good general practice.  We are fortunate to have an excellent team of staff, who work together to maintain our commitment to high quality family medicine.

The practice is a general partnership comprising of four GP partners and three salaried GP's. We work from two sites and are recognised as a leading Undergraduate 'Training practice'.

For information on what to do when the practice is closed please visit our 'When we are closed' page or call the practice on the above telephone number and listen to the whole message. 

Please ensure that all prescription requests are delivered to the surgery in advance to ensure you can collect your medication before the closures. 

Whilst government COVID restrictions have been lifted and there is no longer a requirement to wear masks in healthcare settings. However, there will still be some exceptions to this.

If you are COVID positive, please do not enter the surgery until you have been advised to do so either by a clinician or a member of the reception team. You will also still be required to wear a face mask whilst in the surgery.

If you are attending the practice due to respiratory problems e.g., cough we would appreciate you wearing a face mask whilst in the practice for staff and patient safety.

We would like to make patients aware that if you call the practice on a smartphone we do advise that you should end the call and redial instead of using the call back function as you may not be added in the queue. 

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